Jojoba & Ginseng Exfoliating Face Cleanser.
My Jojoba & Ginseng Exfoliating Face Cleanser combines plant phospholipids, herbal extracts
and plant & essential oils to reoxygenate and nourish the skin as it gently cleanses.
The spherical structure of the jojoba beads
allows exfoliation without the risk of scratching
the skin. The essential oil blend stimulates circulation and restores vibrancy.
Key ingredients.
• jojoba beads - spherical structure exfoliates without scratching skin
• ginseng - tonic action; revitalizing
• wheat germ oil - softens skin
• ylang ylang - antiseptic
• bearberry - astringent; reduces pore size and contains brightening properties
• radish root - new all-natural preservative; protects against harmful bacteria
4 fl. oz.